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My experience with Dr.Green has totally changed my perspective on counseling for the better!

"She is always professional and courteous, creating a safe environment for me to be myself and grow. Dr.Green goes far past listening to my immediate concerns, she challenges me to apply action that will improve my circumstances. Dr. Green has provided referrals to other healthcare professionals to support the work we've done in therapy. Her referrals were consistent and appropriate for my needs. After a year of therapy with her I am confident that our sessions have contributed to the emotional success I'm currently relishing in. Dr.Green has provided me therapy from a compassionate place while I was in much need, for that I am grateful and would recommend her services to anyone willing to hear me."

Over the past year, Dr. Green has counseled me through a very big transition in my life

"I could not have navigated through this change with as much honesty and grace without her help. She has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me identify and focus on the most important aspects of this change and face the fears that have hindered me these past few years. She has helped me to clearly identify my values and use these as a guide to making better life's judgments and changes.  Working with Dr. Green has been a true blessing.  You'll be in great hands if you decide to work with her."

I have been a client of Dr. Green since the summer of 2014

"She provides effective and flexible counseling services with professionalism and candor.  I appreciate that she takes the opportunity to get to know you in order to help you work through the areas of concern.  As a public health professional, I appreciate that she uses well known techniques to assist her clients. It's often difficult to resolve some issues in our lives and I'm glad that she has been available and has even gone above and beyond to assist me through a very tough time in my life.  I also appreciate that she challenges me to try new ways to look at things and encourages me to move on when I want to harp on things that are not productive. Most importantly, as an African American woman, I appreciate seeing someone that can relate to many of the issues that impact my life that I am trying my best to work through.  Her empathy, constructive feedback, and keen listening has assisted with motivating me to keep going when I've sometimes wanted to give up.  I'm grateful for her service"

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